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Delivery Services

You Have Options

We have years of experience, have delivered millions of packages and offer a wide range of options: 

Across Town, for items that need to be moved within city limits, 

Hot Shot, when you need to get something originating into or from our service area somewhere fast, 

Express Flex, for the lowest cost movement of packages across South Louisiana when there is some delivery time flexibility.

Nationwide, for packages outbound of our service area with free pickup and at rates cheaper than you can get on your own.

Customized and Contract Options, when a cookie-cutter approach just does not work and cost is a key factor.

The d'Livery Advantage

We're experienced in shipping all sorts of cargo.  From machine parts to gift baskets, catering dishes to medical samples, you can count on d'Livery's team of professional couriers.   With d'Livery you also get live, local support and real-time tracking.

White Glove Service

Prompt, personable, and professional:  Our trained couriers will handle your packages with care.  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your more valuable items are literally in good hands.


Deliveries Made

Logistics Software

Delivery Management

  • Customized to fit your needs
  • Scalable and easy to implement
  • No setup costs
  • Create, update and assign tasks live
  • Manage your own driver list
  • Track and communicate with drivers, yours or ours, in real time
  • Easy route optimization
  • Dashboard and mobile applications that allow managers to monitor fleets from anywhere
  • Fully integrated e-commerce solution
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E-Commerce and Customer Engagement

  • Single store, multi-store and multi-vendor
  • Scalable
  • Seamless integrations
  • D2C and B2B applications
  • Low per order cost, no hidden fees
  • Customer support channels
  • Marketing automation

Value Add

  • Pre-Trained Backup Drivers
  • Customer Engagement Software
  • Driver Vetting and Hiring Services
  • Dashboard Operations
  • Delivery Driver Insurance

Fulfillment Warehousing

Climate controlled facility, trained receiving team, inspection within 24 hours of arrival, re-packaging for short and long-term storage, pre-assembly, with white glove delivery and setup.

Simplify Operations

On demand warehousing that can be customized to your needs. Only pay for what you use with no long term commitments and an integrated delivery solution. d'Livery offers a solution that is perfect for overflow and season demand.